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    If you look outside, you can see some soldiers wearing a green color camouflage uniform. They are South Korean soldiers or ROK soldiers currently serving their mandatory military service for 21 months. All men in South Korea have to serve the military mandatorily for 21 months, but it’s not required for women. I also served for 26 months a long time ago right after college, and it was longer than right now. Military service is getting shorter and shorter. However, the situation is a lot more terrible in North Korea. First of all, it’s mandatory for both genders, men and women. Men have to serve for 10 years while women serve for 7 years, but this is just for normal kinds of soldiers. For a special forces like Marine Corps and Airborne, they have to serve for 13 years. 

  • Civilian Access Control Line
  • Ganghwado Peace Observatory

    Ganghwa Peace Observatory is opened September 9th, 2008 in the Civilian Control Line in northern forest land of Cheolsan-ri, Yangsa-myeon where was restricted area. It is the place to feel unique northern culture very close. There are high performance telescope, experience Ganghwa national defense and provocation of North Korea, comparison national defense power between South and North Korea, unification policy for endless war and the way to gather as the same Korean race, the times and backgrounds of the Korean War, and visual facilities to watch damage conditions of the tragedy in the exhibition room of second floor. And observatory in the third floor, you can look around the view of North Korea. Observatory shows life style of North Korean, created town for disguise, Gaeseong Industrial Complex Tower, Songaksan, and various obstacles and also provides screen for bad weathers.

  • Amethyst Center

    Before we finish this tour in Seoul, as the very last part of this tour, we will make a brief stop at a place where you can get the national stone of Korea. It is among the most famous local products produced from Korea. One of the attractions of this jewel is not only the color and the beauty but also the infrared from Amethyst will make you relax and your blood circulation better. It’s a purple color precious stone as well as birthstone of February. It’s made from granite and it takes millions of years to change from granite to this particular kind of stone. Can anybody take a guess what this is? This is amethyst. Back in Seoul, we will stop by an amethyst factory which owns an amethyst mine. There, you can get a decent quality Korean amethyst at factory price which is almost half of the regular price. It could be a very good surprising gift for your loved ones especially for female, like your wife, daughter, or mother, if you have any. We will stay there for about 20 minutes and we will visit the very last place of downtown in Seoul called Itaewon where all of you will be dropped off. 

  • Gimpo Marine Park

    You can get on the Navy battleship, and it displays the situation during the war more realistically.When you visit the Hamsng Park, you will experience the life of Navy on the ‘Woonbongham ship,’ the naval battleship.

    Also you will see a hovercraft that run on both land and sea.

    Inside of the battleship, there is a theater. You will see various historical information and military knowledge like

    ‘the story of landing operations’ through fun videos.

  • Myeongdong

    Myeong-dong is the primary tourist spot of Korea for foreign visitors, over 1.5 million people gather here a day.
    This place is like a huge show-window that you can check out all the trends of Korean.
    Not only can you see clothing, miscellaneous items, and cosmetics; you can also taste various trendy street foods of Korea.



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  • Jung Woo

    • 2020/02/06 15:57:00

    We initially opted for the DMZ tour. We were informed the DMZ area was closed by UN due to african swine flu for safety reasons and were offered the NLL tour. We decided to proceed with the alternative tour and were promptly picked up at 8am at our hotel in Seoul. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information about the history of north and south Korea. The NLL tour also comes with a Q&A with a north Korean defector, which we can ask questions through the tour guide during the bus ride. Passport and security checks are not required. Recommended if you are interested to learn about the history of Korea, and specifically to understand life as a north Korean defector. Service from booking the activity until the end of the tour was excellent!

  • Leakey

    • 2015/07/14 11:26:14

    The tour to NLL has been really great.I had a wonderful time with very good and informative guide. I'd highly recommend this tour.

  • Hayley

    • 2015/07/08 09:19:15

    I was really glad to take this tour. I had a great time with professional staffs. They were so kind and very knowledgeable. It was much easier for me to enjoy the trip.

  • Jariver

    • 2015/07/04 10:02:36

    It was great chance to learn more about the Korean War and the Cold War from informative English-speaking guide. I'd like to sign up for the JSA tour Next time too.

  • Burnett

    • 2015/07/02 17:34:14

    It was very good trip with professional staffs. Thanks!


    • 2015/07/01 12:28:10

    The tour was good and the explanation by tour guide informative. Definitely visit this tour if you get the chance!

  • Chain Pt

    • 2015/07/01 12:24:16

    I really likeed this tour. It was great chance to know and better understand Korea.

  • Graint

    • 2015/06/30 12:45:36

    I enjoyed most of the tour. Pick up service was nice and tour guide also took enough time to explain everything well and not rushed. I would highly recommend this tour.

  • Randolf

    • 2015/06/30 11:37:47

    I really liked thetour. It was really great experience to learn the history. I'd like to book another trip with you in the near future:)

  • SEPP

    • 2015/06/30 11:33:39

    very well organized tour! Thank you cosmojin

  • Bryan

    • 2015/06/23 10:14:39

    Great TOUR

  • Roel

    • 2015/06/22 11:37:10

    The tour was just a great opportunity to see the confrontation between South Korea and North Korea. If you are going to find the truth, please go and see in person.

  • Joanna

    • 2015/06/15 09:36:25

    Seoul has an unbelievable tourist destination,NLL

  • Jin

    • 2015/06/15 11:35:32

    If you are going to meet enthusiastic, diligent, and friendly people, come to Seoul and go to the NLL with cosmojin.

  • Julia

    • 2015/06/13 15:54:04

    What a geat NLL tour is ! Everybody (Cosmojin Team Lisa) were so happy and enjoyed NLL tour. Our smiling faces on this photo proves it. I would like to book another tour with Cosmojin Travel Agency.

  • Cecilia

    • 2015/06/12 15:54:04

    We travel Korea, N.L.L with professional tour guide. We run between Seoul,Gimpo Marine Park and Ganghwado Peace Observatory.This is amazing tour.

  • Jim

    • 2015/06/09 11:26:58

    Thanks for nice tour NLL tour. NLL & Seoul represents the hope of reconciliation between the two rival states.

  • Silvia

    • 2015/06/08 14:53:47

    Diane, was a pleasure to be in your tour today.Thank you for all the information which broaden my insight into the interrelation.I enjoyed very much! I hope I can go another tour with Cosmojin Travel Agency.

  • Jackie

    • 2015/06/06 11:18:36

    My tour guide for NLL must have born to be a guide - she is so good at it. She guided me through the Japanese conquer to things that led to Korean war, it’s after effect and many more; along with sense of humor. As far as the trip itself, it is absolute terrific. I can’t imagine it being any better.

  • Julie

    • 2015/06/05 17:55:09

    I was shocked by NLL tour even though I had read and heard quite a lot of on the area. I would highly recommend the Cosmojin tour since its service was really helpful for me to get the right understanding of Korean situation.

  • Jinny

    • 2015/06/02 14:53:47

    I went NLL tour with my friends. It was very informative and enjoyable tour. Feel that English tour guide ,Lisa is professional and have done excellent and amazing job. Think Cosmojin tour company is conducting really good tour. This NLL tour was good choice for all of us.

  • Peter

    • 2015/06/01 11:13:14

    I booked the NLL tour offered by cosmojin travel agency. It's kind of like a group tour including english speaking tour guide, free pick up. The tour covered Ganghwado Peace Observatory , Ganghwado Peace Observatory, Gimpo Marine Park . It was well organized trip with professional staffs. Tour guide tried to inform us about the NLL, Korean War during the tour. I had a great time to learn the history of korea.